Bungee Run

The Bungee Run is competitive fun, and puts your strength and stamina to the test. The competitors get strapped in to the harnesses which are attached to a bungee rope, which is in turn attached to the rear wall of the inflatable bungee run. The competitors then run as far as they can down the inflatable lanes of the bungee run, marking there position before being pulled back down the lane by the bungee, who ever gets their marker the furthest is the winner.

The twin lane Inflatable Bungee run is great for team building events, it's a knock out events and works well in conjunction with other action games like the Gladiator Duel and provides great entertainment at private party's and promotional events. 

 The Inflatable Bungee Run  measures approx 32ft (L) x 11ft (W) x 8ft (H) and is suitable for users from around 8yrs up to adults.

Hire the Bungee Run Inflatable from DLB Leisure and you are sure to give everyone, from those who compete to those who stand by and watch, a fun-filled day.

Each individual who takes part is different, whether they're tall and strong or younger and smaller, therefore the tension of the ropes can be changed to suit each individual taking part, making it more or less difficult. 

You're in for some real fun and laughter with the Bungee Run whether you're taking part or standing by, watching and waiting for the inevitable to happen. 

Just remember, the further you run, the further you have to fall back!

Equipment Included with Bungee Run Inflatable Hire:

  • 1 x Inflatable Bungee Run
  • 2 x Velcro Marker Pads
  • 4 x Bungee Belts (2 large, 2 small)
  • Power Leads
  • Fan to Inflate (Power Required)
  • Access Requirements: please note that a width of approximately 1.1m is required when moving the equipment through doorways and corridors.  If you feel that access may be an issue, such as stairways or lift access, uneven surfaces, obstructions or perhaps long distances then please mention this in your enquiry.
  • Equipment Size: 3.3m wide x 10.5m deep x 2.4m high
  • Operational Area Required: 5.0m wide x 12.5m deep x 3.0m high
  • Power: standard socket required (generator hire available 6.5kva)
  • Staff: Available at an additional cost
  • Number Of Users: 2
  • Recommended Age of Users: 8 years and over